Rescue Is Just The Beginning

Our vision has always been to see the end of sexual exploitation and trafficking of children in our lifetime. So how exactly do we achieve that?

Six Years Old With a Heart For Rescue

April Brown is a six-year-old girl from Australia who wanted to do something to help children less privileged than her. This is her story of childlike hopefulness.

Tony’s Thoughts on 2015

There’s a real excitement within Destiny Rescue this year; our staff and volunteers can all feel it! We need that fervour too as new projects are launched and more girls are rescued!

Make Your Intentions A Reality

Human suffering can ignite an intense response within our hearts. Where do we even begin and what steps do we take if we really want to create change?

27 Human Trafficking Quotes to Inspire You & Your Friends

Want to inspire yourself and your friends to join you in the fight against human trafficking? We’ve created 27 graphic quotes for you to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!

10 Popular Human Trafficking Myths Debunked

Human trafficking myths are broad and we must provide truth to diffuse them. Read our list of ten popular human trafficking myths, find out the truth for yourself and share with your friends!

Women, Girls & Slavery in India [SHAREABLE IMAGES]

India is home to roughly half of the world’s known human trafficking victims. To help spread the word about the problem of sex trafficking in India, we have created these infographics for you to share with your friends. Just click below and share, tweet, or pin!