Child Sponsorship

CEO’s work fighting human trafficking awarded

Peers recognise non-profit organisation Destiny Rescue Australia CEO for her work fighting human trafficking, specifically child trafficking and slavery.

Success Stories: Final Sponsor Letter from Vanida, Returned Home

Vanida left our program after completing our restoration program, education and further training, including coffee making and cooking. Here is Vanida’s final letter to her sponsor.

Uplifted: Rescue of a Trafficked Cambodian Child

The streets of Phnom Penh are rife with commercial sex establishments, places where young women, boys and girls are sold by the hour to entertain patrons, both foreign sex tourists and local Cambodian nationals. It wasn’t difficult for Chan to find a job. Her petite frame and shy smile were exactly what the pimps and mama-sans look for in these places.

From Abuse to Accolade: Kosum’s Story

Kosum enjoys reading and has a special interest in music and learning the saxophone. She also loves playing rattan ball as well as joining in with activities and games with the other children and staff at Destiny Rescue.

Thanksgiving: From Child to Sponsor

Gratitude overflows from Destiny Rescue sponsored children whose lives have been forever changed for the better.