Selling Crêpes, Learning Business Skills

Girls in one of our Cambodia rescue homes recently started selling crêpes as part of a business class. We’re so proud of their hard work!

27 Human Trafficking Quotes to Inspire You & Your Friends

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10 Popular Human Trafficking Myths Debunked

Human trafficking myths are broad and we must provide truth to diffuse them. Read our list of ten popular human trafficking myths, find out the truth for yourself and share with your friends!

Women, Girls & Slavery in India [SHAREABLE IMAGES]

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Art Meets Design: Creative Therapy for Trauma Victims

The class is a mixture of Art and Design. I personally define art as expression through visual mediums, and design as communication through visual mediums. Both are covered in the class, giving these girls a visual outlet to not only express themselves but also be able to communicate visually.

The Miracle of Restoration

After rescue comes restoration. This is where the miracles happen; this is where broken and traumatised children become whole and happy; this is where kids who have suffered the insufferable, learn to dream again.

Saying Yes to God: How Hailey Came to Volunteer For Destiny Rescue

While on a Destiny Rescue team trip to Cambodia and Thailand in October 2012, Hayley Parker decided to join the fight against child sexual slavery. God placed the desire in her heart and called her to Thailand and she answered with a resounding YES by applying for a position with Destiny Rescue.