International News

159 Women Rescued in Operation Trabaho

On May 9th, our Philippines team was contacted by the NBI to assist in a major human trafficking bust. This case was different from anything the team has worked on before.

Prevention Is Best: Educating Rural Villages

A large part of what we do involves removing the veil of lies from each child we rescue and help them to see that they are more, far more, than their bodies, that they have value beyond measure and they are worthy of love.

Child Rescue Rebrand for New Zealand

There is more to be done as we look to increase our presence throughout the country and raise much more support to help rescue and restore as many children as possible.

Dominican Republic Project Up And Running

After years of planning and months of preparation, our first staff are on the ground in Dominican Republic and ready to start bringing freedom to children in need.

Tony Kirwan: Where Are The Dads?

There are no limits to what I would do to rescue my daughters from one of these evil places. I would be willing to go to jail, to risk it all to rescue my daughter.

New Phnom Penh Learning Centre

Our new Learning Centre in Phnom Penh is up-and-running and our staff and rescued children couldn’t be happier. It’s a beautiful space where our girls will learn, love, laugh and heal.

Volunteers aid raped teenager

Two alleged rapists are in police custody in Northern Thailand thanks to the bravery of their victim and the quick thinking of Destiny Rescue volunteers.

Tony’s Thoughts on 2015

There’s a real excitement within Destiny Rescue this year; our staff and volunteers can all feel it! We need that fervour too as new projects are launched and more girls are rescued!

New Beginnings in the Philippines

Thanks to your generous donations, we are now on the ground in the Philippines. Our first few volunteers have completed their training and arrived ready for action. They are working hard on register as a legal NGO and investigating potential areas where children will be found trapped in prostitution.

Thank You: Philippines Rescue Home Now Funded!

Because of your generosity, your heartfelt response to the plight of the vulnerable children of the Philippines, we can now begin a rescue program in the Philippines.

DR Is on the Ground – The Philippines

Destiny Rescue is on the ground in the Philippines! And the human wreckage is overwhelming.

Destiny Threads: Coming Soon!

Destiny Threads will create powerful, bold t-shirts to educate, advocate and inspire a movement to stop childhood sexual slavery in our lifetimes.