The Power of Partnership

“We are blessed to be in a position to support Destiny Rescue on their mission to rescue kids.”
– Greg + Paul – Forensix Group.

Real lives. Real impact.

PICA and Forensix is partnering with Destiny Rescue to provide freedom for children trapped in sexual slavery!

Right now a young child is being exploited, sold, and abused with no hope of a future. If we don’t get to her, someone else will, and her horror story will continue to play night after night. You can put an end to this injustice. Help find children caught in exploitation and give them a path to freedom and a better future.

Why we chose to support Destiny Rescue

Hear from FORENSIX Director, and Rescue Partner, Paul Harmer as he recounts the day he realised children were being trapped in sex slavery and how that realisation spurred him to partner with us.

“I love Destiny Rescue’s ethos, for not only rescuing kids from sex slavery, but having programs in place to support these kids and give them life and job skills.”

Paul Harmer
– Forensix Director

Hear from Destiny Rescue Founder Tony Kirwan

Tony recounts the beginning of Destiny Rescue and the moment he knew he had to DO SOMETHING to help children enslaved in sexual exploitation.

You can join Greg and Paul to become a Rescue Partner. Your monthly gift of any amount will help set children free and keep them safe.

Your regular gift will…


rescue agents across the world to find and rescue enslaved and exploited children.


the brave girls who have stepped into freedom through a personalised reintegration plan that meets the needs of each girl.


them with education, vocational training and safe employment so they can live a bright future.

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Thank you for fighting to set kids free.

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Thank you fighting for freedom. You’re now a part of a worldwide team that is helping to rescue and restore the sexually exploited. You’ll receive regular updates on the impact that your generosity is enabling and the lives changed because of you.

We’d love to get to know you more!