These children are facing unimaginable evil. Your gift will bring urgently needed rescue. 

Destiny Rescue exists to find children like Praya and
support them on a path to freedom.

Praya Has Dreams.

Praya’s dreams have been rebuilt through hard work. She has since graduated from high school and works in a fruit juice shop. Praya still wants to pursue a career in the flight industry.

Girls just like Praya are the reason why we continue to search.

Content trigger warning: themes of sexual abuse and violence.


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Your tax-deductible gift will help rescue and support children who have been abandoned and abused.

Over 1 million children are victims of sexual exploitation today.

Because of our supporters, 3,144 people found freedom in 2022.

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A matching appeal is where a group of generous donors pledge to contribute significantly to a matching fund. Once this fund is in place, we will challenge supporters to give to be matched by this fund – dollar for dollar.

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Every dollar you give will be matched, meaning your gift will make twice the impact.

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Your dollars will fight for freedom. We value transparency and are committed to investing funds in strategic ways to accomplish our mission and vision.

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After I’ve been rescued, my life has gotten better than before.
I don’t have to work risky jobs.
Right now, I have hope and a brighter future.
I have learned that I am more valuable than the money customers paid me.

Thailand Survivor

You can help restore the hopes and dreams
of children just like Praya!

The world has looked away for too long, but we thank you for choosing to see with compassionate hope.