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Ever considered skydiving? Or tried it and want to do it again? We’re giving you the chance to jump out of a plane in ten beautiful settings across Australia, to support children who are trapped in sex trafficking and exploitation across South-East Asia.

Anti-Slavery Day Australia is on Saturday, 18 October 2014. To mark this occasion, we are hosting our very first Free Fall for Freedom initiative, taking place in TEN dropzones across FIVE states.

Brave participants: Once you’ve decided to take part, all you need to do is choose your dropzone, sign up by emailing or phoning us, and then start fundraising! (Minimums vary by dropzone and altitude, please take a look at the flyers below).

Incredible Spectators: Encourage and support a courageous fundraiser by visiting The Free Fall for Freedom page on Everyday Hero Australia.  If you know the person you want to support, visit the Sponsor a Friend page and type in their name or team name. Don’t know a person or team? You can make a direct donation to Destiny Rescue and specify “Free Fall for Freedom”.

Free Fall for Freedom

View our FF4F flyer pricing sheet to find minimum fundraising and prices for each of the jumps:

Price List and Fundraising Requirements – Free Fall For Freedom 18th October 2014

Convinced? Ready to sign up?

Contact: 1300 738761 or email [email protected]