Local Volunteers


Isn't it a great feeling to spend money with no regrets and no guilty conscience? Help raise awareness for Destiny Rescue and encourage others to financially support the vision and mission of Destiny Rescue.

The world in which we live requires monetary exchange in order to for it to run properly. Think about it; it takes money to purchase most daily necessities, and it takes money to run a business, a hospital, a school, a restaurant and to drive to work, not to mention, millions of other things.  

Destiny Rescue is no different. We have many projects and programs that require regular financial support to keep them going efficiently. Plus, we are constantly growing and expanding to help rescue and restore countless more children enslaved in the sex-trade. These new campaigns require additional resources, too.  That’s why we have Fundraising Volunteers – men and women who can connect with people effectively and are driven to set children free from modern-day slavery and vulnerable situations!

Fundraising Volunteers play a vital role in raising needed funds to continue expanding the number of children we can assist.

Sometimes, the need is so great that a new project or program has to start before consistent funding is available. Instead of the program having to come to a halt, it can continue because of the financial support raised by a Fundraising Volunteer. These funds are very important for filling gaps and providing instant resource in the event of an unexpected emergency.

The main role of a Fundraising Volunteer is to plan some type of event and invite people to it with the goal of sharing the vision and mission of Destiny Rescue. People who connect with our cause can contribute financially by making a donation or by sponsoring a child. Other Fundraising Volunteers have had success with events such as, fundraising dinners, garage sales, chocolate drives, charity tin placements, sausage sizzles, or presenting at a church, school or conference. Be creative, and if you have other ideas you think would be good, we’d love to hear about them.

Do you have a passion to see children set free and a natural ability to connect with people and raise money? Then you might consider becoming a Fundraising Volunteer for Destiny Rescue.

Contact Us today to get started! We’d love to send you some further information.