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Relentless rescue and reintegration.

Please help us fight human trafficking and make a difference in the lives of children.


We exist to rescue kids from human trafficking and sexual exploitation and help them stay free.


Night after night, our agents enter some of the darkest places on the planet to find and rescue children trapped in sexual exploitation or trafficking.

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When we’re able, we identify what made a child vulnerable to exploitation, and then help them and their family overcome it – and thrive.

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Real impact. Real lives.

Because of people like you, progress is being made.

15,000+ lives set free

Operations in twelve countries around the world

250+ volunteers and staff serving around the clock to rescue kids and help them stay free

“My life changed…”

This is the story of Sally – rescued from a bar in Metro Manila. She was just 15 years old and had been forced to sell her virginity.

It wasn’t easy, but she’s worked hard to turn her life around–and now she’s giving back. Listen to Sally’s story in her own words and let her inspire you, as she has us.

You can help end the nightmare of a life of exploitation for the next child today.

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Latest Rescues

52 people were rescued over a two-week period from traffickers.
Traffickers were attempting to lure their victims across the Nepal border.
Our agents assisted with three police raids that rescued 32 people.

You can rescue and make an impact today.
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