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Let’s make the 25th of February a day to remember for 100 precious girls!

Destiny Rescue is collaborating with three major radio stations on the East Coast of Australia, with a Fundraising Campaign to rescue 100+ young girls!

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Thank you fighting for freedom. You’re now a part of a worldwide team that is helping to rescue and restore the sexually exploited. You’ll receive regular updates on the impact that your generosity is enabling and the lives changed because of you.

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Real impact. Real lives.

Because of people like you, progress is being made.

9000+ lives set free

Operations in ten countries around the world

250+ volunteers and staff serving around the clock to rescue kids and help them stay free

Meet Lawan

Sometimes, something as simple as a scholarship to pay for schooling can mean the difference between a life of exploitation or safety for a child. Lawan’s story showcases the strength and determination of a survivor. We are committed to finding the children trapped in these dangerous places and doing what it takes to help them stay free.

Help girls like Lawan find rescue and live out their true destinies.

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We exist to rescue kids from sex trafficking and
exploitation and help them stay free.


Night after night, our highly-trained rescue agents enter some of the darkest places on the planet to find children trapped in sexual exploitation or trafficking.

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We identify what left a child vulnerable to exploitation, and then help them and their family overcome it and thrive.

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We teach vulnerable communities how to protect themselves against traffickers because breaking the cycle of exploitation is vital to our mission.

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