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These gifts help get things done. From building maintenance and landscaping, to transport vehicles and paying electricity bills at our rescue homes; these gifts ensure day-to-day living is as consistent and safe as possible for the children in our care.

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  • Provide Safe Transportation For Children

    We’ve got to get children from A to B as safely as possible, and all together. Help fund the purchase of transport vehicles to get our children to school and church.

    Suggested Donation: AUD $50.00 View Gift
  • Provide Utilities For A Child

    From providing internet to covering power bills, there are always utilities that need to be paid. Help ensure our homes keep running to provide the best possible care for our children.

    From: AUD $29.00 View Gift
  • Rescue Home Landscaping and Maintenance

    Buildings age, weeds grow, and things break down; we need to ensure our properties stay in great shape for a long time to ensure we can continue to operate.

    From: AUD $10.00 View Gift
  • Community Development Expenses For A Child

    Provide communities with a hand-up, not a hand-out. Support one child to influence their family and entire community.

    From: AUD $47.00 View Gift

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