39 rescued at Nepal border

Agents at the border are busy as travel restrictions relax.

Traffickers used various forms of social media to initiate contact with about half of those rescued recently at the border. One 16-year-old girl met her trafficker on TikTok.

Five of those rescued were cousins, girls ages 10 to 16, all traveling together. They were being deceived by a man claiming to know their parents who were migrant workers in a neighboring country. He told them they were coworkers and promised to bring them across the border to visit their families. Our agents were able to uncover his lies and help return the girls home safely.

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57 rescued in Nepal over two weeks

Border agents rescued 57 women and children, ages 11 to 29, from human trafficking.

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Among those rescued was a 17-year-old traveling with her infant son. She had been promised a better life by a man she met a month ago on Facebook. He switched off his phone after discovering our agents had stopped her at the border.

Agents also rescued 11- and 12-year-old girls traveling together to meet a man that had promised them jobs and money for schooling in a neighboring country. Neither child had ever learned to read. Agents attempted to contact the man but he switched off his phone.

11 on their paths to freedom in Cambodia

11 girls, ages 13 to 18, have been rescued and enrolled in our community care program in Cambodia!

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These survivors bravely rejected working in the sex industry and have chosen to join our program. Now, they will receive individual support from their caseworker and access to our trauma rehabilitation week-long program and business classes.

After completing the initial classes, survivors will work with their caseworker to customize their freedom plan. Their next steps could include attending school, pursuing vocational training or joining our training on-the-job program.

44 children rescued across three continents

Our efforts in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia brought freedom to 44 children.

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Twenty-one children were rescued and joined our reintegration programs in Uganda. Some enrolled in community care, while others are now living in our residential home.

Nineteen children in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia and two other countries, have been rescued from sex trafficking. Twelve survivors joined our community care program!

In the Dominican Republic, agents assisted police on a case to help a 14-year-old girl and ensure the arrest of her abuser. In collaboration with law enforcement, we rescued a 13-year-old, a 16-year-old and her infant daughter from sex trafficking. Three suspects were arrested in connection with the case.

Agents close eight cases in two weeks in the Dominican Republic

Agents assisted law enforcement teams and closed eight cases involving minors ages ten to 16.

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Agents provided surveillance and interview assistance for six rape cases. One of our female agents, a psychologist, assisted with survivor interviews. We also aided in securing the arrest of the seven alleged perpetrators connected to the cases.

The other two cases involved sexual exploitation and child marriage. Local child welfare in the Dominican Republic (CONANI) will manage the next steps for the survivors.

31 children rescued in Uganda and on their paths to freedom

31 girls ages 14 to 17 have been rescued from sexual exploitation and joined our community care programs in Uganda

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A major vulnerability shared by survivors in Uganda is an unstable home. It is not uncommon for a survivor to pass through numerous living situations involving different or absent guardians.

Of the 31 children rescued, only one child lived with both parents, and eight lived with a single parent. The rest were being cared for by relatives or lived on their own.

Our programs after rescue focus on a child’s unique situation to help her stay free. Our caseworkers and counselors might focus on repairing and strengthening strained family relationships. Older survivors are also able to learn vocational skills or do training on the job so they can afford rent with safe roommates.

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