45 rescued at Nepal border

Our rescue agents rescued 45 people at the border of Nepal, including saving a mother and her two children from the clutches of her trafficker.

The male trafficker promised the mother a new life abroad and provision for her kids, ages three and five, before luring her to a hotel near the border. He also convinced her to hand over her money and jewelry, saying he would arrange the trip.

After a few days at the hotel, she overheard him on the phone saying he wouldn’t take them across the border until he got a payment. Frightened, she tried to leave, but he threatened her children.

Meanwhile, the mother’s family filed a missing person case, alerting police and our team. Together, they discovered her location before rescuing her and the kids at the hotel. The trafficker fled and was not arrested.

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41 rescued across five countries!

Raid, border and covert rescues brought freedom to women and children in five different countries.

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Raid operations in collaboration with the police brought freedom to 12 people in two different countries. Among those rescued were five children.

Eight girls and young women ages 14 to 21 accepted our team’s offer of freedom and joined our community care program in Cambodia. One 14-year-old girl was rescued in Thailand.

Border agents in Nepal rescued 20 people from human trafficking including a 10 and 12-year-old girl.

14 girls rescued in Cambodia in one month

In May, 14 girls, ages 13 to 19, were rescued in Cambodia - the highest number of rescues in a month since lockdowns began in 2020.

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Rescue and reintegration teams in Cambodia collaborate to rescue children from the sex industry.

Our training-on-the-job program provides safe jobs for survivors* after rescue. We pre-emptively line up these roles to enable survivors to leave the sex industry without being left financially vulnerable.

Learn more about this approach by reading Makara’s story, a survivor from Cambodia this year.

*Survivors younger than legal working age are enrolled in school while a family member receives job training.

16 children rescued across three countries in Asia

Our rescue efforts throughout Asia rescued 16 girls, ages 12 to 16, from sexual exploitation.

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Seven survivors have entered one of our residential homes. The remaining nine have been reunited with their families or referred to other care options.

Two rescues and two arrests in the Dominican Republic

Two girls, ages three and 15, have been rescued from sexual abuse in the Dominican Republic.

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Our agents collaborated with the police to find and arrest the alleged perpetrators in both cases. The children are now both safe with their families.

Raid rescues nine children in Thailand

An operation in partnership with Thailand's government rescued nine children from sex trafficking in Thailand.

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Agents discovered the children, ages 14 to 17, being sexually exploited in a bar and worked to build a case with Thailand law enforcement. Together the teams coordinated the children’s rescue. The operation was a success and the children are now safe and have been placed in the care of a like-minded shelter.

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