Nine children rescued from abuse at monastery

A quick-acting citizen prompts the rescue of four sets of siblings, ages five to 12, in Nepal.

All nine children were studying under a Buddhist monk who had been sexually abusing them for the past few years. He threatened them, scaring each into silence about the abuse. The three oldest girls escaped for a little over a week but eventually journeyed back. On the road, they stopped, conflicted about what to do.

Then, a man passed by and asked if they needed help. The girls started crying and told him where they were going but how they didn’t want to return. He listened and counseled them, telling them to return to the monastery but promising he would find someone to help them. He immediately informed our agents at the border about the children.

Leaping to action, agents and police quickly rescued the children and arrested the monk. All children got counseling and medical checkups. Four children tested positive for COVID-19 and remain in the care of our staff until they are well. The others were reunited with their families. The monk is in custody and awaiting trial.

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Raid in the Philippines Rescues 14

Three girls, five boys, along with five young women, are now free after police–aided by our agents–completed a successful raid!

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After receiving a tip that a pimp was bragging about selling underage boys and girls on social media, our agents went to law enforcement and together began to build a case. That pimp, along with three accomplices, was arrested during the raid.

48 girls rescued in Zimbabwe

All the survivors, aged 13-17, had been forced to sell themselves just to stay alive. While suffering terribly at the hands of their abusers, the girls often can only make enough money to buy their next meal.

26 children in Kenya no longer have to sell themselves to survive

The children, two of whom were boys, were between 10 and 17 years old. After rescue, all survivors begin their journey toward freedom with the support of our compassionate team of counselors and caseworkers.

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You can read more about our new region of rescue and the work we’re doing there on our blog.

63 Rescued at the Nepal Border

Join us in celebrating the 63 individuals rescued last month by our heroic border agents in Nepal! The women and girls were between 14 and 36 years old.

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After rescue, survivors may choose to prosecute their traffickers, though many forgo that option to avoid the negative community stigma. Every survivor is counseled on how to spot and avoid traffickers in the future.

17 survivors rescued in the Dominican Republic

It was a valiant, collaborative effort alongside our partners in law enforcement in the Dominican Republic to help these survivors achieve freedom from abuse. Their rescue culminated in 16 cases being closed by Dominican authorities, with 16 perps arrested!

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One of those cases involved the sex trafficking of two individuals, while the rest were victims of sex crimes. You can read more about how we rescue here.

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