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OSEC is experiencing a new surge of abuse. Perpetrators can be paid an average of $40 per video containing the abuse of children in their care. Driven by pornographic platforms, and the veil of anonymity, this results in horrific kinds of exploitation. Our goal is to go directly to the source, set the children free, and shut down all extensions of their nefarious networks.

Destiny Rescue approaches the Online Sexual Exploitation of Children with two major strategies.

  • Destiny Rescue partner with National Law enforcement agencies who monitor online activity for pedophile behaviour. These leads are distributed to our agents who investigate the cases and search for children at the centre of the abuse. Transnational law operations result in freeing children, sending abusers to jail, and arresting website customers.


  • Destiny Rescue work with communities and monitor Facebook groups, chat rooms, and other online forums, to identify internet broadcast centres. Our agents then partner with law enforcement to plan and carry out raids.