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      for these children!

Your monthly gift of $55 rescues children

Children can be bound by physical, psychological, or financial chains to their abusers. Our rescue agents’ job is to find and free these children from exploitation and abuse.

There are two main ways Destiny Rescue agents operate.

Covert Rescues

Rescue agents go undercover into establishments used for the sale of sex (eg. brothel, bar, massage parlour, beer garden, GoGo bar, KTV, street prostitution, etc) to search for minors being exploited. Once identified, the agents work to build trust so they can offer children a means of escape.

Raid Rescues

Raid rescues are conducted in partnership with law enforcement agencies. Our rescue agents identify underage victims and gather the required intelligence and evidence to build a case. Major raid operations can involve weeks and months of research and surveillance. Coordinated rescue operations are performed with local and/or federal law enforcement, to arrest traffickers (and others directly involved in offences) and rescue victims.

During raids, all victims regardless of age, are liberated. We rescue children as well as other individuals who are being exploited, even if they are 18 years of age or older.

Because traffickers are arrested and establishments closed, these raids also prevent countless children from being trafficked.