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her from exploitation or


her smile with quality


her into a bright and
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COVID-19 is changing the landscape for all of us. And while the challenges for each of us may differ, we are all being impacted in some way. 

It’s important for us that you know that the pandemic will not stop us from continuing our mission. Together, we will survive the challenges the Coronavirus is inflicting upon us.  The children are now more vulnerable than ever before and need our continued support. Letting them down is not an option. But we can’t do it without YOU!

THANK YOU for supporting Destiny Rescue financially. Together, we can free children that have been bound, restore those that have been wounded and provide a safer world for them to grow up and live in. Your generosity will help to end the nightmare of sexual slavery and abuse for many children who were trafficked or sold into sexual slavery.

When you make a one-time or single donation, you’re helping fill the gaps to keep current programs moving as we need to quickly react and adapt to the changing situation and circumstances. Each donation over $2 is tax-deductible.

Working in the bar was so scary. Now I am free to enjoy my life, and I have hope for the first time.
Sunri * – 15 years old
* name changed to protect her identity