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Welcome! This page is for people who like to set a goal and see it fulfilled.

Here’s how it works:
We have some extremely vital projects in the pipeline, just waiting on the funding to make them happen. That’s what this page is all about! Firstly, check out our projects and find one you’re passionate about. Then you or your group can donate directly to that project. You may even want to hold a fundraising event to help the project along. Watch the thermometer and see how funds for your project are progressing. And finally, celebrate with us when the funding target is reached and the project becomes a reality!

Ready, get set…go!


With 1.2 million new children being sold or lured into slavery each year, the majority of them being forced into the sex-trade, there has never been a greater need for advocacy for these imprisoned, abused kids. We must ensure that the message of their suffering is told right across our planet, until enough people rise up and say – NO MORE! View Projects
We create and operate real-life businesses as part of our aftercare program. Our Destiny businesses are an investment in the rehabilitation and future of our precious young people. We get to watch our kids bloom and grow into confident employees. It is amazing! View Projects
Giving abused young people and those that are at-risk an education and vocational training is a vital ingredient to them having a new life and helps safeguard them from ever having to return to the sex-trade or enter it in the first place. These projects invest in the future of our young people and see them set up for a brand new life. View Projects
Meeting the everyday needs of the children in our care would not be possible without your help. Part of our daily needs include keeping our homes in good order: lawns mowed, showers working, washing machines running and much more. It’s the little things that make all the difference! View Projects
Extreme poverty is almost always the precursor to childhood sexual slavery. We try and identify vulnerable families and offer them assistance BEFORE a child has been sold or lured into the sex-trade. Prevention is so much better than a cure. View Projects
Destiny Rescue is on a mission to end child sexual slavery in this lifetime. Our main focus is on rescuing children – literally! We run undercover rescue operations that bring children out of the darkness – out of brothels and bars into the safe and loving environment of our aftercare projects. Rescue and aftercare! View Projects