These children are facing unimaginable evil.  

Destiny Rescue exists to find children like Afiya and
support them on a path to freedom.

Meet Afiya.

Afiya was an only child with an absent father and mother. She had no other means of generating income. So to survive, she reluctantly began exchanging sexual favours for small amounts of money. Afiya courageously recounts her story.

Girls just like Afiya are the reason why we continue to search.

Content trigger warning: themes of sexual abuse and violence.


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Over 1 million children are victims of sexual exploitation today.

Because of our supporters, 3,144 people found freedom in 2022.

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There couldn’t be a better time to rescue.

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I was raised by a single mom who took care of me.
But when she died, everything changed and… 
when she went, the whole world was now…
felt everything was against me.

African Survivor 

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