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We invite you to partner with us to help find and rescue every child in need of freedom. Together, let’s leave no child behind.

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A matching appeal involves a generous group of donors committing to contribute significantly to a matching fund. This fund is then used to match donations made by supporters – doubling their impact dollar for dollar.

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During matched campaigns, our supporters are 84% more likely to make a donation.


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We are grateful for your generosity and promise to use your donation as effectively as possible. At least 75 percent of your designated gift will go to programs that protect children.

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I remember having this thought: Are we really making a difference in these kids’ lives? And then I hear my name get called out. I see these two girls start running towards me. As they get closer, I realise who they are. They are two girls that I rescued many years ago.

They grabbed me, hugged me, and turned to their friends and said, “This is the man I have been telling you about. This is the man who helped us.” 

They kept just saying thank you. They said, “We’re nurses now; we’re working at the local hospital in this area”. I remember that DR put them in a pre-vocational course, and they went on to do nursing. Now, they are working together as nurses.

And I knew instantly: This is why I’m doing what I’m doing. You don’t see what happens to these kids, but you are truly making a difference in these girls’ lives.

International Rescue Director, Destiny Rescue

You can help us ensure that no child is left behind.

Over 1 million children are sex trafficked, but together we can make a difference – one child at a time.