Raid in the Philippines Rescues 14

Three girls, five boys, along with five young women, are now free after police–aided by our agents–completed a successful raid!

After receiving a tip that a pimp was bragging about selling underage boys and girls on social media, our agents went to law enforcement and together began to build a case. That pimp, along with three accomplices, was arrested during the raid.

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Nine Children Rescued in East Africa

Nine girls were rescued over the course of a few weeks by our rescue teams in East Africa.

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Most of the girls, aged 14 to 17, were living in such desperate circumstances that they were selling themselves just to survive. But now, they are on the road to healing: all nine girls have enrolled in Destiny Rescue Freedom Plans! You can find out more about how Freedom Plans change lives here.

Four Raids Rescue Six in the Dominican Republic

Our agents assisted police in the rescue of five children and one woman earlier this summer.

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In addition to bringing freedom to the exploited, these raids also resulted in the arrest of two traffickers. Our agents have worked closely with police to break caseload records this past year, and the traffickers are reeling! To get more details, read here.

29 People, Including 13 Kids, Rescued in Nepal

During a single week last month (August), border agents rescued 29 people from traffickers trying to lure them out of the country.

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Human traffickers lie to their Nepali targets, falsely promising love, a day in the city or a better job. They specifically target individuals who are financially desperate, emotionally vulnerable or just innocently naïve. The 13 children who traffickers targeted were 10–17 years old.

Seven girls rescued in Kenya

Seven children were rescued through our work in Kenya.

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While a few were rescued from situations in which they faced the continual threat of sex crimes, most were forced to sell their bodies just to survive. For a look at the typical conditions that drive children to these extremes, read more here.

19 rescued from labor trafficking in Asia

Over the month of July, 17 men, a young woman and one 12-year-old boy, were rescued from labor trafficking in two Asian countries where we work.

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While we continue to focus on rescuing sexually exploited children, our efforts can lead us to discovering and assisting victims trapped in other forms of human trafficking.

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