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Fighting for freedom together.

Board Members

Destiny Rescue’s Board Members provide advice on policy, advocacy, fundraising and public relations.


President & Founder
Member Australian Institute of Company Directors

Tony Kirwan has always had a heart for the poor and needy. About two decades ago, he ran a feeding program and was involved in a youth ministry in Australia. 

God then placed a desire in him to see children free from poverty and abuse, and after running his own electrical contracting company for ten years, he sold everything and began Destiny Rescue in 2001.

Tony believes in leading from the front. Residing in Thailand, he and his teams around the world are actively involved in the rescue of children from the sex industry and building an organisation that combats this illegal trade.


Joshua Evans is finance head, energy and resources at Sodexo Asia-Pacific. He has served on a number of boards, usually as a company secretary. He enjoys helping teams and mentoring people. 

Joshua has a strong background in helping executive teams turn around companies. Starting out in the manufacturing industry, he moved to the services industry, where his path crossed with Fiona Berkin at Morris Corporation where they were members of its executive team. Fiona’s excitement for her new role and Destiny Rescue’s cause was infectious and Joshua readily accepted the offer to join our board. The diversity of his experience and track record in helping teams succeed will no doubt be valuable in fulfilling our vision and ambitious goals.


Chris was connected with Destiny Rescue for years as a donor and passionate supporter before accepting our invitation to join the board in September 2019. He has held senior sales executive positions for over a decade, initially as vice president of sales at ANZ and then, from 2017, vice president of sales at Diligent Corporation in Asia-Pacific.



Lachlan is currently a partner at his Financial Planning firm in Melbourne and holds a degree in Finance as well as other specialist industry accreditations.

Lachlan has a passion for helping people, whether it is in his everyday life and work or the work at Destiny Rescue.

He has been in the financial services industry since 2010 and involved with Destiny Rescue since 2015. This experience and expertise provides valuable insights and input to our vision and strategies that will help us achieve our goals.

After visiting some of Destiny Rescue’s projects in 2015, Lachlan strongly believes in the positive difference we are making in the lives of those who perhaps need it the most!



James Condon has served with The Salvation Army for over 50 years in 3 countries – Australia, United Kingdom and Papua New Guinea. He has a heart and passion for those who suffer abuse, neglect and poverty. He has been a member of Rotary International for 49 years. He is excited to be a Board Member of Destiny Rescue and looks forward to making a contribution in seeing children across the world rescued from the sex industry and for them to find freedom and a new way of life.


Melinda Bryant is an experienced commercial lawyer, non-executive director and pastor. She enjoys solving complex problems and creating the infrastructure to help people achieve their dreams. Melinda became passionate about the developing world after a life-changing trip to Cambodia in 2009 and has remained committed to utilising her skillset to effect meaningful change wherever possible.

Our Team

We are united in our fight to help end child trafficking and exploitation!


Chief Executive Officer

Paul has a Graduate Diploma in International Development and spent many years in the developing world, working with people who lived in extreme poverty or had been sold into slavery.

For two decades, Paul has fought for the rights of children trapped in the most horrific situations, both in Australia and overseas. Trained as an accountant with KPMG, he has also worked in leadership roles with two of Australia’s largest charities, The Salvation Army and Compassion. Paul contributed to overall strategies that helped raise funds, create awareness around their work and improve the lives of the people they supported. During this time, Paul saw first-hand the catastrophic impact that human trafficking had on the lives of children. He also witnessed the exhilaration and sheer relief of victims when freed.

E: [email protected]
M: 0428 755 088


Finance Manager

Bill is an accountant who has been managing the finance functions of varying-sized organisations, both for-profit and not-for-profit, for the past 30 years. 

Working for Destiny Rescue gives him a sense of achievement, given the organisation’s mission. 

He enjoys leading his small finance team in the Philippines and part-time compliance officer in Australia.

E: [email protected]
M: 1300 738 761


National Marketing Manager

Geoff has 20 years of experience in managing and improving not-for-profit organisations including five years of consulting with more than 75 charities. He specialises in marketing and fundraising for international aid organisations dealing with assisting children.

Geoff is now part of the Destiny Rescue team and is passionate about rescuing children who are in sexually abusive situations. This passion came after traveling throughout Africa, India, Indonesia and the Philippines where he experienced first-hand the hardship of the poor and broken. Geoff has a master’s degree in business administration and a certificate IV in training and assessment.

Geoff is married to Shannon and they have two teenage kids who love life and are embedded in their local church.

E: [email protected]
M: 0408 205 525


Executive Partnerships Manager

Maria has worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 20 years for organisations such as World Vision, UNICEF and The Salvation Army.  She has been key in establishing relationships and partnerships with businesses and individuals and raising awareness of issues that create poverty both locally and globally. She is very passionate about helping the most vulnerable in our community, which has led her to begin her journey with Destiny Rescue.

Having a 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son herself, she can’t imagine a world where children could be seen as commodities and for the luck of where one is born determines their path in life.

E: [email protected]
M: 0409 461 450


Executive Partnerships Manager

Allison’s journey to Destiny Rescue has been built on leadership experiences, as Adviser to three Federal Opposition Leaders, Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson and former Prime Minister, the Hon. John Howard. As a small business entrepreneur, Allison led a bespoke consultancy catering to the Christian parachurch and NGO space for 15 years, advising on media crisis management, fundraising, marketing and business profiling campaigns.

Her experience in faith and multicultural community fundraising strategies brought her to the coalface of human trauma and despair.

A collector of people, Allison seeks out the least and the lost, journeying alongside them and being impacted by their life experiences and worldviews.

E: [email protected]
M: 0409 886 289