Students can fight child trafficking


You are a world changer who can bring freedom to kids like yourself.

Young people are passionate catalysts of change. 

Fundraising is one way you can turn that passion into real and lasting impact.

Raise awareness and donations while having fun together! Explain the problem of child trafficking to your friends and family. Tell them about the work Destiny Rescue is doing to fight it. Ask for donations to help you reach your fundraising goal.


Get creative! Your options are endless! 

Here are a few ideas you might like to borrow from:


Documentary Screening

Hosting and watching one of our professionally produced documentaries is one of the easiest ways to gather friends and family, raise money and awareness, all while having a great time. These screenings are an opportunity for you and your friends to experience the fight against child sex trafficking.

Check out some of our documentaries here >>

Free Dress for Freedom

Encourage your entire school to ditch their school uniform for a day, wear whatever they want and collect gold coin/s as a donation. You might decide on a theme colour or style of clothing to advocate freedom and opportunity for the children you are rescuing.


Host an Event

Practice your emerging passions and skillsets, and hold an event to demonstrate what you are learning. Consider donating proceeds from a School Art Exhibition, Talent Show, Catered Morning Tea, or Sporting Event.


Home-made Sale

Make something beautiful, tasty or useful, and invite your community to buy items and support your cause. What can you create, build or grow? Delicious baked treats, crafts, carpentry or agricultural goods are just a few ideas.


Car wash

Connect with water, suds, some elbow grease and your school community to wash vehicles and rescue kids.


Digital Detox

Gather sponsors for a social media blackout day. 24 hours without your phone, iPad, laptop or TV. Guaranteed, your parents will be wholeheartedly supportive! 🙂


Are you ready to start fundraising?

Simply fill in your details and one of our friendly staff will be in touch to help you every step of the way!.

I loved how the fundraiser unified our school. We were able to come together and get electrically excited about bringing real change in our world and serving outside of ourselves. Our excitement, energy, and unity was contagious, and that was so cool to see!