How do we rescue children from sex trafficking?

Night after night, our highly-trained teams of agents go undercover into some of the darkest places on the planet in search of children trapped in sex trafficking and exploitation. Once identified, our agents work relentlessly to bring these children to freedom. Each child’s rescue looks different, but typically falls into one of four rescue types.


Our rescue agents go undercover in brothels, bars and on the streets to find children being sexually exploited. Once found, we build trust with them and offer a way out.


Rescue agents identify child-sex-trafficking victims and gather the evidence needed to build a legal case against their traffickers. Our teams then work alongside law enforcement to free victims and arrest offenders.


Rescue agents receive intelligence about potential trafficking situations that are outside our normal scope and they intervene as necessary to prevent exploitation from happening or to help the individual.

Border Rescue

Rescue agents work at border crossing stations and actively identify potential trafficking victims. They will detain and question potential traffickers and victims and take action as needed to rescue those at risk.

Who We Rescue

Our agents constantly fight to bring freedom to children caught in sexual exploitation. In the pursuit of children, we are often given the opportunity to rescue adults out of labour and sex trafficking situations too. All people are valuable, created in the image of God and are worthy of rescue and freedom.


the impact

Rescue teams active across seven countries

5200 rescues and counting

Aided in 115+ arrests

The work of rescue
doesn’t stop here!

Read about our reintegration approach and programmes that assist children on their path to freedom.

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