Every child is unique; so is her path to freedom!


Rescue is just the first step to a life of freedom.

A child’s rescue from the sex trade means nothing if we cannot keep her from falling back into that place of exploitation. The process of keeping her free starts immediately after her rescue by meeting whatever needs she has that allow her to take the first steps toward freedom. From there, the path looks different because each child’s needs are different. One of three things typically happens next:

Family Reunification

When safe to do so, she is reunified with family and/or her community. An assessment reveals if she/he needs care within her community provided by Destiny Rescue, or help from another provider.

Transitional Homes

She enters a transitional home providing a safe place while a longer-term solution is found. This home could be a Destiny Rescue home or a partner-referred home.

Residential Homes

She enters a residential home equipped with staff and services to care for her needs and help her towards sustainable freedom. This home could be a Destiny Rescue home, a partner-referred home, or a government-assigned shelter/home.

Path to Freedom Plans

When we are involved in reintegration, whether it is in the community or residential home setting, a member of our team will develop an individualized Path to Freedom for the child. This plan focuses on decreasing the vulnerabilities that led to her being exploited while providing new opportunities that allow her to flourish in freedom.

Overcoming her specific, personal vulnerabilities may include provisions for:

  • A safe place to live
  • Urgent health needs
  • Temporary economic assistance
  • Education and/or vocational training
  • Emotional health needs
  • Spiritual growth
  • Job placement

Bright Futures

Reintegration is a child’s safe return to an independent life as intended. Destiny Rescue team members will walk the path of freedom with a child for up to 12 months to ensure she stays free. This ongoing relationship allows us to check in on her progress, identify new concerns or vulnerabilities, and provide encouragement along the way. During this time we often earn the right to share the good news of the gospel with them.

Working together


Our reintegration programs are sometimes executed in collaboration with other organizations. Learn more about our strategic work with partners here.

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