Last week, staff, guardians and survivors joyfully celebrated together as 50 children graduated our Community Care Program in one of our Pilot Projects in East Africa.

They shared a graduation processional and time of singing together, and a few survivors boldly took the microphone to share their testimony during the graduation ceremony.

The older teens have pursued vocational training courses and the younger children are in traditional school while their guardians run small businesses to support their education after learning skills to do so through our economic empowerment program.

We thank God it was a success, the day was wonderful,” a caseworker said after the event.

Even the smallest moments during the graduation held a special meaning for everyone in attendance. Each child had his or her moment to shine as they proudly wore their cap and gown while posing for a photo alongside their certificate.

The day represented significant effort and change in each child’s life. The laughter and openness shared together on their graduation day stood in stark contrast to the downcast eyes and sullen answers given in class on their first day.

The room was filled with 50 happy, safe kids. That alone is a victory worth celebrating.



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