For years, Visna sang, smiled and strummed his guitar as a volunteer music leader at a charismatic church in rural Cambodia. But his life soon changed course when Destiny Rescue played on his heartstrings. 

Visna, our assistant project manager and former social worker in Cambodia, first joined our team in 2015 after his friend told him about our organisation’s mission to rescue children from sex trafficking across the country.

I have seen lots of girls in my county. They’re being abused, and they’ve been treated very badly,” the 30-year-old said.

While his jump aboard our ship may have been unplanned, the Khmer born’s former role as a church volunteer was – unknown to him – preparing him for his new position with our crew.

His training
Before he wound up in our hands, Visna – a vibrant and well-educated soul – not only volunteered at a church for three years as a musician but as a pastor’s assistant and youth leader.

He helped lead youth events on Fridays where between 15 to 100 children sang, played games and simply had “fun”.

“It was amazing,” he said.

Under this church, he also helped teach English and spread the gospel to children in villages in Cambodia. He said he would ask about their spiritual well-being, pray for them and, together, “seek the word of God”.

I had to talk to many people,” Visna said.

When he joined our team, these social skills “definitely” translated into his current role, where he cares for child survivors of sexual exploitation.