“I think this is a set up” was the last text message the Destiny Rescue operative received from the pimp they had been tracking down for a long time. Numerous past cases linked back to this one pimp, establishing him as the head of a deeply-rooted syndicate.

His innate charisma landed him as the alpha of the pack. Unintentionally influencing his circle of friends, his network of pimps grew far and wide – with Corso* sitting at the top of the pecking order. When he and two of ‘his girls’ had gone viral on social media, while his pimping was in full operation, it was a blatant display of his bravado. His business is a show that he felt no need to hide.

Tipped off by one of the victims that escaped a previous raid operation, Corso hastily canceled the meet-up that was meant to happen later that day. Destiny Rescue and our partner law enforcement agency knew they couldn’t let him slip away without giving it every effort – not while knowing how many girls he controlled and exploited each night and the lengths to which he went to keep them in line.

The team had been warming up another pimp from Corso’s network, Sam*. With little time to spare, a case from the backburner was now their key to getting closer to pinning the head down. Capturing this secondary pimp was easy; she wasn’t as experienced nor suspicious. But unlike most subjects in custody, she wasn’t in denial. Choking in her tears, all she could say was, “Corso made me do this. Corso taught me how to do this.”

Sam needed vindication – if she was going down, he would go down with her. This was the motivation she needed to cooperate with law enforcement. Under the strict supervision of the police, she was handed back her phone for one last task. She needed to convince Corso to show up.

It wasn’t enough. He didn’t trust her and remained elusive.

Teams knew the general area of his operations, but not his exact location. Tucked in a labyrinth of narrow alleyways within a neighborhood infamous for drug dens and illegal arms trade, Corso was impossible to catch. As options and hope ran thin, they slowly realized that this could be where the trail went cold.

Amid the exasperated conversation between Destiny Rescue and the police, a social worker from the Department of Social Welfare heard a voice from the back of the van – it was one of the survivors. “I could show you where Corso lives.”

Rescue remains relentless!

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