Destiny Rescue has expanded rescue operations into a new country in Latin America. Location details will remain undisclosed indefinitely to protect both our staff and survivors in the country.

After a six-month exploration phase, where we met with country officials, other Christian-based non-profits and studied the state of exploitation in the region, our first rescue efforts commenced. In February, we rescued nine children from sexual exploitation and trafficking.


It felt great to get those first rescues on the board.”

“It felt great to get those first rescues on the board as much of the process of starting a project from scratch is not necessarily enjoyable but necessary – such as building relationships and completing administrative and logistical tasks – all things that must be accomplished before we can really hit the ground running,” a rescue agent on the ground said.

Most of the survivors were eight years old or younger, the youngest was only two years old. Their life circumstances made them extremely vulnerable and all had endured sexual abuse or exploitation.

The youngest children have entered the care of a like-minded rehabilitation shelter. Here they will receive practical and medical care, access to education as well as the opportunity to hear and see the Gospel of Christ through their caretakers.

Three older children were rescued from sex trafficking in an operation in step with law enforcement. Post rescue, we provided the survivors with food and transportation. Local authorities designate the survivor’s next steps after rescue.

I’m excited and a little overwhelmed but looking forward to seeing how God moves and opens doors moving forward. There is a lot of work to be done here,” our agent on the ground said.

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