We get the reports every year:
Hearts changed. Entire churches set aflame with a passion for rescue. 

Several pastors have insisted that Rescue Sunday is their best Sunday of the year.

These “Rescue Sundays” look different for each church, but how God’s people respond is always inspiring. Today, we’ll take a closer look at what makes a Rescue Sunday.

Rescue Sundays are not about fundraising.”

-Jason Tash, Chief Development Officer, Destiny Rescue USA


This might surprise some readers, but Rescue Sundays are not about raising money. The pulpit is not a platform for a sales pitch; we equip pastors and speakers to deliver a Christ-centered, scripture-filled message about human trafficking that brings listeners closer to the heart of God. Of course, we’re grateful when churches or members decide to become Rescue Partners, but Rescue Sundays are about much more than money.

They’re about helping God’s people become passionate about what He’s passionate about.

Jason Tash presenting a Rescue Sunday

That brings us to the first goal of every Rescue Sunday:

Connecting to the Heart of God

Rescue Sundays are about connecting God’s children to His heart. We want Christians to love what God loves and to hate what God hates.

God loves children. In Matthew 19, Christ admonishes his disciples for trying to keep children from him, saying that the Kingdom of Heaven is made up of “ones such as these.” And God hates oppression. Isaiah and Jeremiah are filled with God’s condemnation of the oppression of the poor and weak.

Destiny Rescue helped us connect with the heart and character of God on this issue in a family-friendly, hope-filled environment.”

-Jeff Wenke, Lead Pastor, The Bridge Church

Our God is the original rescuer. He rescued Noah from the flood of His wrath. He rescued His people from enslavement by the Egyptians. And He rescued all His children when He sent Christ to die in our stead.

We want to help churches become fellow rescuers with God. One of the ways we do that is by letting them hear the silent cry of exploited children.

Hearing the Cries of Kids

Children suffer silently as they’re exploited day in and day out. Most never get the chance to ask for help. These kids are trapped and cannot express their hearts’ pleas.

That’s the second goal of Rescue Sunday: amplifying the voices of oppressed kids.

Survivors play at a Destiny Rescue home in Uganda

Coming face-to-face with that level of evil should be heartbreaking for any child of God, but just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean we shouldn’t open our ears to their pleas for rescue. Child trafficking is injustice in the extreme, an embodiment of the evil that Christ commands his children to fight.

Jesus is not okay with this [child trafficking]. The church is called to join Him in pushing back the darkness, establishing His domain, His rule, His reign and shine His light.”

-Jeff Wenke, Lead Pastor, The Bridge Church

We can’t rescue if we close our eyes to the plight of suffering children. However, choosing to see the horrors these kids face day after day is only the first step in joining the fight.

Empowering faith in a way that takes action

And make no mistake: God didn’t give us the option of standing on the sidelines. 

In Proverbs 31, God commands His people to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”  

Our final goal on Rescue Sunday is to ignite the faith of believers. When we share God’s heart and hear the cries of exploited kids, there’s only one option left: rescue.

Church attendees visit after a Rescue Sunday presentation

That looks different for every church. Some become advocates, looking to raise awareness in their local communities. Some aim to rescue a certain number of kids or get involved in a particular area of the world. And while we’re grateful for any members that join our fight, our primary goal isn’t to hit a specific dollar amount. Jason said it best:

It’s not about fundraising. It’s not about throwing money at a problem. Rescue Sunday is about… activating your faith in a way that benefits someone else while drawing you closer to the Lord.”

And because we share the gospel with every child we possibly can, churches are also joining our efforts in obedience to the Great Commission

It brings us great joy when we can share how Christ is working in the lives of survivors such as Lydia (Image is representational)

When we ask rescue agents what their measure of success is, they often give the same response: seeing children accept Christ. It is an unspeakable joy when we get to help a child break free twice: first into freedom from exploitation and then into eternal freedom in Christ!

The Impact

Rescue Sundays have wide and varied effects on participating churches. Pastors report seeing their congregations come alive, united in a passion for pulling kids out of the darkness.

A worship service at one of Destiny Rescue’s partnering churches

To rescue some of the world’s most vulnerable, show love, instill worth and dignity and rehabilitate for a successful future is nothing short of amazing.”

– Mike & Kelly Frylink, senior pastors, COTR Caloundra QLD

In many churches, victims of sexual abuse find catharsis in relating to others who’ve experienced such catastrophic pain in childhood. These brave souls are some of the staunchest advocates. One church member told Jason, “I’ve had to endure a lot of similar pain and trauma. Now I can turn that into a passion and fight for someone else’s freedom.”

But most of all, the impact is on the dear children who get a chance to live free because of the faithful obedience of a church on the other side of the world.

God fueled our passion and action to care for victims of human trafficking. I am thankful for the partnership with Destiny Rescue!”

-Matt Doan, Outreach Pastor, Calvary Church

Visit our website to learn more about Rescue Sunday. We have an entire page dedicated to equipping you with resources to lead your own Rescue Sunday or schedule a speaker.

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