Brinda, a survivor from our biggest undisclosed rescue nation, lost her parents when she was five years old. Her uncle supported her and her schooling at first but her home became hostile as years passed.

“I was an orphan and my relatives made me work in fields. I was a victim of various forms of abuse at work and home.”

In this state of complete dependence, she was pressured into sex work. When Brinda was 17, our agents found her and offered her freedom. Brinda accepted and came into our residential home.

The [trauma rehabilitation] program and daily devotions and love and support I got at the shelter made me a strong person. It also helped me get the skills I need to cope with all the trauma of the past.”

Brinda was a bright student attended every available class in our home. She studied and received certificates of excellence in tailoring, beautician, jewelry making, computers and English. 

“While I was doing my vocational training at the shelter, I received my school exam results.” Her high test scores prompted our shelter director to encourage her to pursue further education.

“She gave me many options and said I must pray about it. After a few days, I said, ‘I like to help people, so I want to do nursing’.” Her shelter director arranged for her to apply to nursing school. A short time later she passed the entrance exam and was accepted.

Thank God for Destiny Rescue. If I didn’t come to the shelter, I would have missed this opportunity,” Brinda said.

Today, at 21, she is one year away from graduating and becoming a nurse. “I am so grateful to Destiny Rescue for helping me get a bright future,” Brinda said. 

She’s not just grateful for new opportunities and her current success, but was significantly impacted by the way she was treated while in our home. She closed her thoughts with this statement.

“Very big thanks to Destiny Rescue and all the shelter mothers and R- [shelter director] for loving and teaching me.”

Her name has been changed to protect her identity. Images are representational.