Recently, one of our operatives noticed suspicious activity while he was traveling. Some young men were taking staged photos of a teen girl and then left the area with her.

The operative, Sam*, tailed them and saw the men take her into a nearby building. Sam stayed outside the building for hours waiting for them to exit. Eventually they emerged with the girl who was now dressed up. Sam contacted other Destiny Rescue operatives and an intelligence-gathering mission was initiated immediately. He continued to follow the group and watched them bring her to a local brothel area confirming Sam’s suspicions that they had intentions to sell this girl into the sex trade. They exited the area with the girl still in their control and returned to the building where it appeared they were holding her.

The next day another operative went undercover into the brothel district, posing as an owner. She would intercept the men and act like she wished to purchase the girl to work in her brothel, all the while gathering key intelligence to help coordinate her rescue. The plan worked and she was even able to get a photo of the girl’s ID which she could tell had been modified to show her age as 19. During the exchange the operative also observed that this girl did not understand their language – she was from a bordering country and had no way of understanding or communicating with those around her.

As a survivor herself, Rita was able to offer key insights that helped Sara’s parents understand the full situation.

Sam used the information from the photo of her ID and located her parents. Knowing there would be a language barrier, Sam involved Rita* a survivor rescued a year ago who is now thriving nearby in a local city. Rita and Sam spoke with the parents, who confirmed their daughter was missing. As a survivor herself, Rita was able to offer key insights that helped Sara’s parents understand the full situation. Parents and local police met up with our teams and a rescue operation was underway. Before reaching the room where she was being held it was discovered her trafficker had moved her to a neighboring city. The operation expanded to include yet another local police force and with the combined efforts of all involved they were discovered. The young girl was rescued and her traffickers arrested!

After sitting down with the rescued girl, we learned her story. Sara* was only 17. She was tricked by her trafficker who had built a false relationship with her, convincing her of his love. He had lured her across the border where he began abusing her and planning to sell her into the sex industry. Sara is now safely back with her family and will receive follow up contact.

We are so grateful for our operatives’ instincts and brave actions, the coordinated efforts of law enforcement, the crucial help of Rita* and for your support, which made each aspect of this operation possible. Rescue is complex, weaving together the efforts of many individuals from all over the world together for the safety of, ‘the one.’ What a beautiful picture of redemption. Thank you for being a part of Sara’s story.

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