I’m often asked what made me start Destiny Rescue back in 2001, and the answer is short and simple.

I heard a story about an American man that came to Thailand and was offered children that he could buy for USD$400 and do with them as he pleased. When I heard this it was like my heart was set on a journey that I knew I would have to see through in order for my life to have purpose and make sense.

I had seen movies and heard stories of slavery, but as far as I was aware slavery was done and dusted several hundred years ago, surely it didn’t happen anymore? I was shocked to learn it still existed to an extent far worse than I could have imagined: children were being sold as sex slaves. It rocked my world to the point that I had to do something. I had to act. Doing nothing was simply not an option. I’m sure that being a father compounded these feelings, but I would like to think most people would be moved to action upon hearing what these kids endure!

I was shocked to learn it still existed to an extent far worse than I could have imagined: children were being sold as sex slaves.

I know we are all wired differently and we all have different paths to walk, but I pray that as you read and hear different stories of children we see and rescue, whether on our website, or from our advocates in your communities, that you would be stirred to the point that you simply have to do something to help. It may not be what I have done, or the many that have joined me on the frontlines over the years, but I pray that your action will be significant; I pray it costs you something, I pray that you give–of your time, or money, or resources, or energy–until it at least hurts a little.

I am reminded of the story of the Good Samaritan. The only reason we know of the Good Samaritan is because two respected religious people of the day that should have done something didn’t! I pray our legacy will be counted amongst those that got into the ring and fought until we won, that we would be counted as the Samaritans rather than the two so-called religious people in the Bible story (the Pharisee and the Levite) who saw the injured man lying on the ground and turned away and went about life like they saw nothing.

This evil of child sex slavery can, and will, end in our generation, if we are willing to own the shame of the cards dealt to us from generations past, and then declare with a loud voice: “No More!” And then actually do something.

I can’t think of a fight more worthy of fighting; this is a fight worth taking as many hits as it takes to win. Each of these kids is worth it.

By Tony Kirwan – Founder and International President