Corporate Training

Recognise and Respond to Child Slavery and Trafficking.

We empower Australians to recognise child sex trafficking and keep children safe — onshore and overseas.

Destiny Rescue is proud to offer this critical and timely training to keep children safe through the awareness of child sex trafficking and its connections to online behaviour and tourism.

We have drawn on 21+ years of experience and expertise as an international anti-trafficking organisation to describe the realities of child sex trafficking.



Sex trafficking
and exploitation of children

is happening!

We share sobering statistics about this global issue, address common myths around Child Sex Trafficking and discuss what is being achieved in the mission to rescue children and keep them safe.

Each subject includes a Check-in Point where participants answer engaging questions or thought-provoking reflections.

The training comes complete with downloadables, documentary videos, booklets, workshops and more.

Two main topics:

1. What does child sex trafficking look like?
2. How you can maintain a duty of care toward children in Australia and while travelling overseas. 

An outline of the training content

In this day and age

MYTH — There is no such thing as modern slavery.

As difficult as it is to believe, modern slavery rages across our planet. Of those exploited in the sex trade, over 1 million are children!

What is child sex trafficking?

In the age of the internet – where people are constantly neck-deep in information – the line between truth and fiction can blur.

It is crucial to understand the realities so we can protect and educate others and end the child sex trade effectively.

Industry Demand

According to the International Labor Organisation, sex trafficking generates $99 billion annually! What drives the demand for child sex trafficking?

Inside the Mind of a Trafficker

MYTH — A sex trafficker looks evil, behaves suspiciously, and slinks around in the shadows of society.

Learn who the predators are! Who trades in innocent children, and what does a sex trafficker really look like.

Harmless Fun

MYTH — The girls enjoy what they do.

During this training you will get to see the reality through the eyes of a rescue agent as he tells his personal stories.

Can You Make A Difference?

This training covers how to respond if you see child sex trafficking or suspicious behaviour.

It will teach you how to identify establishments who facilitate abuse, and how to stop others from harming children.

“It wasn’t right.
I was a child!”

Click the video image to watch
14 year old Kamala’s story.

Learn what to do if you see child abuse while travelling, including 6 ACTION STEPS to protect children.

This training is customisable to suit your workplace demographics, culture and needs.
Talk to us about options regarding:
• Content covered
• Duration of training
• Delivery systems – LMS or Powerpoint
• Support and follow-up

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