Surrounded by breathtaking beauty and wildlife, the people of Zimbabwe have a great sense of community and are known to be engaging and welcoming. 

Poverty, hardship and trauma can break families apart, commonly leaving the responsibility of taking care of the family to the children. 

Population: 16M

Language: 16 officially, including Shona, Ndebele, and English

TIP: Tier 2

Destiny Rescue’s agents find and rescue children from sexual exploitation in Zimbabwe. Those we rescue are typically from families battling extreme poverty and living in slums. They lacked enough income for food, shelter or other necessities and were forced to sell themselves to survive.

In 2023, Destiny Rescue’s work in Zimbabwe accomplished:







Sex trafficking
and exploitation

in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe has a diverse culture with a strong emphasis on family. Unfortunately, poverty and trauma can tear families apart, and AIDS has left many children orphaned. This results in child-run households which place extraordinary burdens on young shoulders, leaving kids especially vulnerable to exploitation.

Life in the squatter camps is full of challenges. Families lack clean water and electricity, and most have difficulty affording basic commodities in addition to rent.

The current job climate in Zimbabwe is very difficult due to a high unemployment rate. This disproportionately affects girls, as jobs are more likely to be given to men since they are traditionally the head of a household.

“The issue of trafficking and exploitation is all around us. We all must be aware and we must be willing to do something. If it were a member of our family we would be upset. Let’s be upset for all children.”

Chet, Rescue Agent

Our work in Zimbabwe

Survival Situations

Rescue agents canvass the streets and villages to find children selling sexual services in exchange for water, food, and shelter to offer them a helping hand and a better future.

Community Care

Survivors work with their caseworker to secure a safe living situation; some without a safe place to go are cared for at a residential shelter. Initially after rescue, survivors receive monthly food packs, alleviating a great deal of the financial burden that made them vulnerable to exploitation in the first place. Our program also includes trauma rehabilitation and medical care.

Education and Vocational Training 

Survivors attend school or choose a vocational path and begin an apprenticeship in sectors such as tailoring, hairdressing, agriculture, business and cooking taught by local vocational schools or business owners.


Stepping into a life of normalcy and independence is the ultimate victory! Our staff works with children toward a sustainable life of freedom.


We have a formal partnership with an organisation dedicated to assisting vulnerable children in Zimbabwe. Destiny Rescue executes all rescues and rescue strategy, reintegration programming structure and direction while fully funding programming for all survivors alongside our partner. 

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