We are excited to present our documentary
Operation Goldilocks.

An informant has alerted Destiny Rescue operatives in The Philippines to the work of a husband-and-wife team of pimps. Operating out of a shopping Mall in a dangerous district of Metro Manila, this marriage of criminal minds has built a child sex prostitution ring and is selling children to men who would pay to have sex with a child.

Undercover Destiny Rescue agents must pose as western paedophiles to infiltrate this ring in the hope of rescuing thirteen children who live in fear of the ruthless man and women controlling their lives. Offering good money for a sex party, the agents carefully hatch a plan to ensnare the pimps and ensure every child can be rescued.

From the ground up, this film fascinatingly documents the mechanics of how a case is built and executed in Destiny Rescue’s relentless fight against child sexual exploitation.

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Operation Goldilocks

Produced by Destiny Rescue International
TRT: 48 minutes 51 seconds
Available formats: Full HD, UHD, DCP 4K/2K

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