Host a Documentary Screening

“Hosting and watching one of our professionally produced documentaries is one of the easiest ways to gather friends and family, raise money and awareness, all while having a great time.”

In our documentaries, you will meet our survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation, rescue agents and other people committed to fighting injustice.

These screenings are an opportunity for you and your friends to experience the fight against child sex trafficking. Use them to create awareness, deepen your knowledge about the issue and even fundraise for the cause! There are multiple documentaries available with various themes and runtimes.

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Operation Goldilocks (Trailer)

Destiny Rescue agents go undercover to rescue young children being sold for sex at a mall in a dangerous section of metro Manila. 

Operation Kingpin (Trailer)

Agents work a case involving a dangerous pimp who is known in his region as the man who can provide children for sex. The team enters uncharted areas of the city in search of this trafficker and the children he is exploiting.

Border Interception (Trailer)

Destiny Rescue agents work day and night to rescue victims who are being trafficked across the Nepal border. If interception doesn’t happen, the girls will be lost forever to a life of abuse and exploitation.

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When we identify kids being sold for sex, we become absolutely focused on getting them out of that situation. Nothing else matters.

Rescue agent
Kingpin Documentary