Rescue Sunday

Your church and community can set children free

Over one million children are trapped in sexual slavery and exploitation across the world today but you can help change this harsh reality through hosting a Rescue Sunday.


Thank you for exploring the possibility of hosting a Rescue Sunday. Together we have an opportunity to empower and inspire your church and surrounding community to be part of God’s mission found in Isaiah 61 to set the captives free by ending child sex slavery.

If you decide to host a Rescue Sunday we will assist and serve your church with everything needed to launch this effectively. Lets journey together to create change and bring Gods hope and love in some of the darkest places on the planet.

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Everything you need to launch your own Rescue Sunday.
Because of Australian churches like yours, hundreds of hearts have been inspired to join our mission in prayer and action, thousands of kids are free and hundreds of perpetrators have been arrested worldwide.

Ready to Host a Rescue Sunday?