Scientia is a counter human trafficking, exploitation, and slavery program designed to help children by driving collaboration between aligned public, private, and civil sector organisations, and increasing their capabilities in order to enhance current prevention, rescue, and restoration efforts on a global scale.

In short, a digital forensics tool with unmatched capabilities to identify and track online child exploitation.

OSEC – The Online Sexual Exploitation of Children is a serious global problem that requires urgent action, Destiny Rescue is proud to be at the forefront of that fight… with Scientia.

Watch this 14 minute introductory video to better understand what OSEC is.

“Human trafficking, exploitation and slavery is a growing and devastating problem set that affects millions of children worldwide. In Thailand alone, it is assessed that over 400,000 children were victims of online exploitation in the last 12 months!”


Online Sexual
Exploitation of Children

Our Response

Destiny Rescue has heard the cries of the hidden victims traumatised by this devastating crime type and has established a dedicated OSEC team.

This team is supported by groundbreaking technology that has achieved immediate impact. Our focused, specialised, and unrelenting approach has shone a light on those hidden children, waiting to be rescued.


The following activities have been conducted as part of the Scientia Program:

Training: Scientia has trained eight non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and four law enforcement organisations (LEOs). Included was training on open-source intelligence, digital forensics, peer-to-peer network and mobile device exploitation. 

Technology Enablers: In addition, Scientia has provided partners access to new technologies to support the development, investigation, and prosecution of cases. 

Operational Support: Finally, Scientia has directly supported numerous law enforcement and NGO cases against traffickers. 


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