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Ignite your passion for justice

Join a two-week team trip and see the work we do
fighting child sex trafficking firsthand.

Connect with our staff and learn how they rescue and transform lives. A team trip is a life-changing opportunity and can ignite a passion for justice.

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Teams visit Destiny Rescue projects throughout Southeast Asia and see the work we do from the front lines. You can learn about our initiatives fighting child sex trafficking and exploitation, and how we play a leading role in ending this illegal trade in our lifetime.

On your two-week trip, you will:

  • Learn about the devastating effect that sex trafficking has on children and their communities.
  • Visit red-light districts where agents and police rescue children.
  • Connect with our staff who are fighting to end child sex trafficking.
  • Meet rescued children in our safe homes.
  • Discover how we bring healing to survivors.
  • See how we empower families to protect children from trafficking.
  • Immerse yourself in the culture at local street markets and historical sites to better understand and appreciate Southeast Asian culture.

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The mother and daughter trip not only strengthened our bond but opened our eyes and hearts. Returning with new beliefs and values, we vowed to continue helping these beautiful girls. An experience we will never forget. Highly recommend this experience to all mothers and daughters.

Team trip traveler