Nepal is best known for gigantic, snowy mountains and warm, welcoming people where 80% live in villages in rural areas.

Nepal, sandwiched between two nations, has thousands of travellers sweeping in and out daily through its border stations circling the country.

Population: 29M

Language: Nepali

TIP: Tier 2


Destiny Rescue’s border agents monitor 24 border stations around Nepal. They stop, interview and rescue children and young women trying to cross the border. We prevent them from crossing as we learn they’re being lured across by a trafficker offering them a false promise abroad.

In 2022, our anti-trafficking work in Nepal accomplished:









Sex trafficking
and exploitation


Unsuspecting women and children, and sometimes men, are trafficked out of Nepal every day. The combined efforts of our border stations rescue about two people a day.

Traffickers typically target people who are poor and lack education. Once found, they offer them a perfect antidote: marriage or a well-paying job abroad. If the target slips through our hands at the border, her future is bleak. The victims will likely be sold for sex or trapped in forced labour.

Increasingly, traffickers are using social media to target and groom their Nepali victims. In 2021, 46% of human trafficking survivors we rescued at the border had met their trafficker on social media.


Recent rescues in Nepal

Over the month of July, 17 men, a young woman and one 12-year-old boy, were rescued from labor trafficking in two Asian countries where we work.
66 people, including 24 children, were rescued over the course of June and July in Nepal.
Two girls, both only 14 years old, were rescued during a sex trafficking raid in Nepal.

Our work in Nepal

Border Rescue

Our rescue agents monitor key border-crossing checkpoints. They investigate and intervene in instances of human trafficking across the border.

Raid Rescues

Rescue agents are involved in operations with local law enforcement to rescue individuals out of both labor and sex trafficking and arrest their traffickers.

Transitional Shelter

We provide temporary living space, meals and care to rescued girls waiting for their families to bring them back home.

Family Reunification

After rescuing a survivor, our teams help families reunite and return home together.

Follow Up

Caseworkers contact girls and their families via phone to make sure they are safe and free in the months after rescue.

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